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1st International Conference

Building A Cancer-free Family

Theme: Integrative Approaches to Healing Cancer

A Project of Jesus The Healer Community INC.

Who is Cansurvive Philippines

CanSurvive Philippines (, a non-profit member of Cansurvive Global is a network of individual, groups, educators, scientists, researchers, health practitioners and cancer survivors whose main thrust is to share our experiences, research materials, compassionate care, and hope to those with cancer, especially the underserved populations who are struggling and fighting for their lives.

Cansurvive Philippines is an extension program of the Integrative Cancer Research Institute and Jesus the healer Community. Our ultimate goal is to help build healthy families, communities, and a cancer-free world!


The ultimate goal is to help build a cancer-free family


To offer almost thirty years of experience in innovative, expert, and compassionate care; creating a new paradigm in individual health through integrative and functional medicine; and advancing the understanding, diagnosis, treatments, cure, and prevention and control of cancer.

The 5 Goals of Cansurvive Philippines

The First International Conference

This conference entitled, Building A Cancer-Free Family, Together, is the first International Conference of Cansurvive Philippines. The primary purpose is to raise awareness about latest cancer research, as well as innovative, integrative, functional and proven therapies and approaches in addressing today’s cancer epidemic.

The theme for this year’s conference is “Integrative Approaches in Healing Cancer.” This conference will feature prominent speakers and experts in Integrative Medicine and Nutrition from the United States, Europe, and Asia.