As the year comes to a close, we wish to convey the message of hope, joy, and love that Christmas proclaims to the world. May we be driven by the spirit of goodwill towards one another, join our hearts in prayer, and rededicate ourselves to spreading God’s message of hope everywhere we go.

This year, 2019, has been marked by moments of both hope and despair. As it comes to a close, we wish to convey that message of hope to all. Hope that God reaches into the darkest places in our lives and communities to bring healing and abundant life. Hope that every one of us can transform the world through compassion. Hope in the knowledge that God so loved the world He sent His only Son to save us. Let us imitate that selfless love and reach out to all those affected by illness, calamities, violence, natural disasters, those who lost their homes, and most importantly their love ones.

The holiday season is a holy-day season, an ideal time for reflection, appreciation, celebration and examining our relationships with God and each other. We have been tricked into believing that Christmas, like happiness, is something we can buy in bazaars and retail shops. We associate Christmas with decorations, buying too much, spending too much, eating too much, and doing too much. What if we did not have access to all these things? Is it still Christmas without the tree, gifts, food, and even without family? Would there still be hope and joy in our hearts?

True hope trusts in God’s promises regardless of adversity, setbacks, or tragedy, and looks forward to the singular goal of our lives: perfect joy and unity with God and one another in heaven. Hope sees every circumstance of life as a gift given to bring us closer to that goal. Hope looks past the unlikely and humble scene of Christ sleeping where animals feed to the glory and salvation that His coming promises.

YES, let us reclaim the true hope of the holidays, reconnect with what it means to share that joy with a free and generous heart, and reengage a new way of living in hope. This is the real foundation of health: health of the heart, mind and soul that overflows to the body. Yes, we can live and celebrate the holiday season like never before, with compassion, purpose, and the true peace that only comes from firm hope in the Lord.

May God continue to bless you and your loved ones with optimum health, hope and joy this Christmas, New Year and beyond!

Love, peace & light (l’amour, le paix et la lumière),
Christine / NIM / Jen / Dale /Wellness Institute International / Integrative Cancer Research Institute / Jesus the Healer Community

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